Innovation Comes from the Edges

We get caught up in the startup echo chamber so it’s really easy for us to lose touch with the reality that innovation comes from the edges.

Check out this week’s listing of IPOs from Renaissance Capital:

Screenshot 2015-03-26 10.29.48

There’s not a single company listed that’s from the big VC hubs (Bay Area/ NYC / Bos) everyone talks about.

That point was really driven home for us this week, when we met with the Seedcamp group on their US trek. Seedcamp is Europe’s leading pre-seed and seed stage acceleration program and they are based in London.


We were impressed by how much all the teams had achieved in so little time.  Overall, it was a delightful experience and we were reminded again that disruption is antifragile.  The bigger the tech hubs get, the more important it is that we stay in touch with the activity and different perspectives that thrive outside those hubs.

Innovation Comes from the Edges

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