A Seed Pitchdeck Template: Keep It Punchy

Here’s a quick and dirty MVP slide deck for raising a seed round.

1. Team. Make it easy to speed read. List schools, diplomas, companies, etc.
2. Problem you’re trying to solve. Have a story about why you (i.e. founder/market fit)
3. Your solution. The reality is that elevator pitch style phrasing such as “X for Y” is effective
4. Product / prototype demo
5. Competition. A 2×2 matrix works.
6. Where you are on your de-risking path. Milestones, pivots, state of product, metrics, and any learnings
7. Fundraising. Amount to date, # rounds to date. Current goal and stage. What you think you need to raise next round.

The details and everything else can be addressed in the conversation.

I’ve left out traditional slides like market size, business model, exit strategy, etc. because I don’t think it’s part of the MVP 😛



A Seed Pitchdeck Template: Keep It Punchy

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