How I Make Sure Work Doesn’t Ruin My Vacation

Be Happy

Here’s the scenario: you have a vacation coming up in two weeks. You should be looking forward to it, imagining yourself letting stress melt away under the sun or on the slopes, but all you can think about is the work that will pile up while you’re away. You might even feel like skipping the vacation just to save from all of the stress that comes with leaving the office. But we all need a vacation sometimes, it just takes some minor, but strategic planning to get you in a vacation state of mind.

I thought about writing this post because, as I type, I am on my annual family getaway in Wellfleet on Cape Cod and although I am periodically checking my email, I am getting some much needed relaxation and quality time with my kids. Whether you are an executive or an intern, I thought sharing my own tips could…

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How I Make Sure Work Doesn’t Ruin My Vacation

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