Benchmarking Atlassian’s S-1 – How 7 Key SaaS Metrics Stack Up

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Tomasz Tunguz wrote a great post recently about the Australian software maker, Atlassian. It is a fantastic example of an Australian flywheel SaaS company that has experienced tremendous growth, as seen from its S-1.

Tomasz’ post can be viewed in its original form here.

Founded in 2002, the Australian software maker Atlassian is an exceptional company in many regards. But foremost, Atlassian is one of the best examples of flywheel SaaS companies yet. Atlassian counts 1600 employees and sells five products JIRA (bug tracking software), Confluence (project management), HipChat (internal chat/collaboration), BitBucket (code repository) and JIRA Service Desk (help desk software. Yesterday, Atlassian filed their F-1, a document preceding their IPO, and revealed how efficient a software company they have built. In 2015, the company will generate $320M in revenue.

The chart above details the revenue growth of the business compared to the median of the 50+ publicly traded SaaS…

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Benchmarking Atlassian’s S-1 – How 7 Key SaaS Metrics Stack Up

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