To Health and Wellness

On this Yom Kippur reflection, I wanted to share some basic thoughts to a happier and healthy life.

First, be grateful for every day on this magical plant.  We all know family, friends, neighbors, soldiers who have left this world far too young.   You have a finite number of days, so be kind and make them count.

Second, love.  Love your family.  Love your neighbor.  Love your enemy.   Because it is only through love that we will find peace.

Third, health.  It’s more important than wealth, so focus on it.  You are not going to die tomorrow, but let us all try and make better decisions each day and hopefully, you realize what makes you feel good.

Fourth, balance. This is the one I personally struggle with the most.  Everyone wants to have fun and feel good, but you can’t party every day.  If you have a big weekend, then have a big week of eating healthy, going to the gym or enjoying your favorite class (yoga, cross fit, pilates, barre, boot camp, etc)

Fifth, mindfulness. For me, this means making sure every day I step on a yoga mat and play my Native Indian flute.  This allows me to have a daily practice of meditation, breathing, alignment, and stillness.

So there you have it.  Some five simple words that help me be a happier and healthier Brad.

Much love and hugs.

To Health and Wellness

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